I apologize to all my friends for my bad English. I hope they will understand me. Maybe I’m wrong,but it seems to me that such a phenomenon as boredom in  various countries has a lot in common.
              Last year a friend of mine nearly lost his life after a completely unmotivated attack by two youngsters. Four months later I learned of two similar acts of violence.
    When my friend recovered I began to compare the three attacks,to analyse,to look after all the information connected with the situation. It seems to me that all the three unmotivated attacks to innocent individuals are just modifications of the atrocious brutalities we are every day watching on TV. Although I’m no TV maniac I love satellite TV.Unfortunately,some of the film channels are creating illusion that they all are showing fragments of one and the same movie 24 hours every day and 365 days every year: shooting,high-speed car chases,killing,blood,corpses. I can rarely endure it for more than half an hour without falling asleep. The movies are boring because they are not works of art. I am quite open-minded as far as far as violence in itself is conserned. More than that: violence is necessary as one of the ingredients of life. Man is attracted to move to the personal,social and natural borders of his existance to look beyond them. This impulse may be an important factor in great discoveries,as well as in crimes.
              According to Erich Fromm, man is driven to seek adventure,to look beyond and even to cross the limitting frontier of human existence. This is what makes great virtues and great vices,creation as well as destruction so exciting and attractive.The hero is the one who has the courage to go to the frontier without succumbing to fear and doubt.The average man is a hero even in his unsuccessful attempt to be a hero: he is motivated by the desire to make some sense of his life and by passion to walk  as far as HE can to its frontiers.
              The most famous E. Fromm’s book is ”Escape from Freedom”. In ”The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness” he states that one of the main goals of man today is ESCAPE FROM BOREDOM. Only if one appreciates the intensity of reactions caused by unrelieved boredom can one have any idea of the power of the impulses  engendered by it.
              Just three examples from Fromm’s book.
              1.One girl had slashed her wrists and explained her act by saying that she wanted to see her blood. [ Schizophrenia was excluded by thorough clinical examination.]
    Her lack of INTEREST was so great that to see her own blood was the only way in which she could convince herself that she was alive and human.
              2.Another adolescent spoke of walking city streets  ”with a knife up my sleeve,and I would stick it into people as they walked by”.He experienced pleasure in watching the agony on victim’s face.
              3.A sixteen-year-old high school honour student and choir boy shot his parents to death because he wanted to see how it would feel to kill somebody.
              All the three individuals lack inner productiveness.
              The inner productiveness is one of the preconditions of  THE ART OF LIVING.
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